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Premium ICT services

Take advantage of our innovations, thanks to our technical expertise and intelligent service logistics, delivered with enthusiasm and passion.

ICT service has always been our passion. Delivering quality service has been a driving force and inspiration for us from the very start, which is why we decided to improve on ICT service through a process-oriented approach in line with the international ITIL standard. We can respond even better to customers’ individual needs and offer recommendations from experts who live and breathe ICT service. We bring customers, partners and service providers closer together to redefine what it means to be service-oriented. Our service technicians throughout Switzerland have an extensive IT system at their disposal that allows them to manage all processes from accounting to spare parts logistics through to staff planning. All service technicians carry a smartphone and iPad that keeps them connected to our main offices, enabling reporting and communication with managers responsible for assignment of jobs to be handled electronically.

uniQservice was founded in late 1998 and evolved quickly to become one of the leading ICT service providers in the retail sector. The company has four business areas all rooted in the same core competency: troubleshooting and repair of ICT devices.

That’s uniQservice. And that’s just the beginning.


Service reflex

Our success is not only based on our technical expertise, but also the result of our unique approach to service: our service reflex.

This reflex to provide top service is integral to our company culture: it covers everything from support points throughout Switzerland, nationwide ICT technicians out in the field, and the thousands of problems we resolve per year.

Would you like to experience the service reflex first hand? Then contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.


Process-oriented approach

We continuously optimise our internal and external processes to ensure our services are always carried out to top standards with great efficiency.

Highly qualified employees

We actively encourage continuous training for our employees.

Continuity in team

Good, dedicated employees are the driving force of our success – which is why we’re proud of our long-standing team and their strong commitment.

Highly independent

We actively encourage our employees to take initiative and responsibility. This enables them to respond to our customers’ needs in a flexible way and find optimal solutions.


Service network

Whoever is closest gets there fastest. Our nationwide service network delivers a quick response, reducing downtimes to an absolute minimum.

Nationwide support points

We’re close by, no matter where you are. Thanks to our strategically located support points throughout Switzerland, we can respond quickly to your needs.

Service technicians in the office and out in the field

Good service starts with good staff, which is why we employ highly qualified service technicians in our offices and out in the field.

Full range of replacement parts

Thanks to our comprehensive stock of spare parts, spare parts kits and replacement equipment on hand at our service points and important spare parts kept in the service vehicles, we are able to repair or perform maintenance on all common POS systems quickly.

Multi-manufacturer support

Objectivity and transparency are some of our core values. This is why we are committed to using the best solutions – regardless of the manufacturer and for all segments.



Your success is what makes us tick.

Markus Keller

Tel. +41 (0)44 838 63 53

Eveline Müller

Finanzen & Administration
Tel. +41 (0)44 838 63 21

Ronny Janzi

Tel. +41 (0)44 838 63 50

POS services

Reliable, innovative and fast

The point of sale is the heart of every shop. In an emergency, it must be operational again as quickly as possible. And the daily servicing and maintenance need to be equally simple.

What’s good for the heart is good for the POS system too: Outstanding quality is what matters. And that’s exactly what uniQservice delivers. One call is all it takes, and our service technicians will have your device up and running again in no time. uniQservice is your service partner for the entire POC and ICT infrastructure – regardless of the manufacturer or sector.

We aim to meet all our customers’ needs, from consulting through to procurement. uniQservice helps by offering premium hardware maintenance support. We offer service you can rely on, thanks to our national support points, 24/7 on-call service and multi-manufacturer solutions. This way we ensure that your ICT solutions and POS work as they should. But excellent service should go beyond emergencies. Take advantage of our individual service contracts, comprehensive stock of spare parts and sophisticated quality management.

Management tools provide detailed information for diagnosis and solution of problems. If you need on-site support, a service technician with the right skills and parts will be dispatched.

We strive to meet your needs. Ideally, the problem can be solved with a single visit – after all, we’re a service provider passionate about what we do. For optimal solutions and your success.


Nationwide support points

We’re close by, no matter where you are. Our support points throughout Switzerland ensure quick response times and solutions.

Individual service contracts

We work together with you to arrange individual service level agreements tailored specifically to your requirements.

Professional quality management

Structured processes that comply with the international ITIL standard are an absolute given for uniQservice.

Regardless of the manufacturer and for all sectors

Objectivity and transparency are two of our core values. This is why we are committed to using the best solutions – regardless of the manufacturer and for all segments.

How can I help you?

Markus Keller

Tel. +41 (0)44 838 63 53

Insurance services

Better safe than sorry. The same is true for damage declarations.

Damage assessment for an electronic device is difficult and requires a great deal of expertise and years of experience.

uniQservice offers just that and guarantees more objective damage evaluation.

As a property insurer, you know that reported damage is not always the actual damage. That’s not just aggravating – it can be very expensive too. This is where we come in as a competent partner that can assess insurance damage, perform replacement value determinations and plausibility checks. No matter whether it’s a smartphone, flat screen monitor or PC, our expertise ensures transparency and cost fairness. We also handle audits, on-site expertise and logistics, and provide online access to your damage claims. Our proprietary Qweb internet platform keeps you informed about the status of the claim in a way that’s transparent, timely and professional.


Our promise to our customers: we will assess your case objectively, efficiently and with great expertise.


Assessment of insurance damage

Our high level of expertise makes us the preferred partner for property insurers.

Plausibility checks and replacement value assessments

We review cost estimates and repair bills, and look into pricing and suppliers of comparable new equipment.

Online access to all damage claims

Our Qweb platform lets you access all damage claims online.

Cost reduction concepts

We develop transparent cost reduction concepts for processing of damage claims for nearly all electronic devices.


Printer services

A to Z service to ensure your printer always makes a mark.

Printing of the highest performance and quality. Printers should, well, print – and have a long service life and work as efficiently as possible at the press of a button. Our all-inclusive service offers just that.

This allows you to reduce costs and extend the life of your printers, copiers and multifunction devices while offering maximum availability. We offer service tailored exactly to your needs.


Printers, copiers and multifunction devices – most of the time they work without any trouble. But most of the time is not the same as always, and it’s aggravating and tedious whenever a peripheral device stops working. To deal with this problem, we offer a service that is as easy on your bank account as it is on your nerves. We repair all common printers and multifunctional devices and provide a temporary replacement if needed. That way, you can keep working without skipping a beat, minimise downtime and ensure you do not come under pressure if your printer goes on strike.


Quick repair service

Thanks to national support points throughout Switzerland, we are able to reduce downtimes to a minimum and offer a fast response.

Replacement equipment on site

If necessary, we provide you with replacement devices so you can continue working without skipping a beat.

Optimal lifecycles

Our dependable maintenance and repair service offers you better investment security for your technical equipment.


Customised service

We offer flexible solutions to address your unique needs.

We are technicians, electricians and IT specialists. As a service provider, we are passionate and extremely knowledgeable in our field. 

Your benefit: Customised solutions developed by us to meet your specific needs. Because uniQservice also offers uniQsolutions.

New devices, new requirements, new market trends – the ICT landscape is becoming ever more dynamic and agile. In response, we develop customised solutions to meet your specific needs. Your benefit: Our knowledge of the market, many years of experience and extensive project expertise. We understand the definition of service excellence – and our nationwide service points, ICT service technicians and thousands of references are proof of this. We possess the necessary technical skills to offer the world the solutions of tomorrow – today.

Interested? Get in touch with us for a no-commitment introductory consultation. 


Customer-specific, innovative solutions

Thanks to our immense range of project experience, we are always at the cutting-edge and can offer you the latest solutions you would expect from a leading ICT company.  

Regardless of the manufacturer and for all sectors

Objectivity and transparency are some of our core values. This is why we are committed to using the best solutions – regardless of the manufacturer and for all segments. 

Results-oriented and economically viable

You not only benefit from technical expertise, but also from our experience when it comes to cost optimisation, solutions that stand the test of time and system compatibility. 



We look forward to hearing from you.

We will be happy to put our knowledge, expertise and great ideas to good use for you.

Manuel Röttele

Tel. +41 (0)44 838 63 88

Markus Keller

Tel. +41 (0)44 838 63 53

How to find us

You can find us here. This is our home.

Visit us in Bassersdorf, just seven minutes by car from Zurich airport. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Current vacancies

On the same wavelength, proactive and ready to dive in head-first?

From time to time, we need new hard-working, skilled employees – that’s you! 

Interested? Have a look at our current vacancies to find out more. We hope to see you soon.

Our current vacancies are posted on jobs.ch

For more information and to submit unsolicited applications, please send an email to jobs@uniQservice.ch.

We are interested only in direct applicants.


Technicien/ne système au service externe (f/m)

Nos techniciens de service sont les acteurs et la carte de visite de notre entreprise. Ils assurent les dépannages, installent et entretiennent des systèmes de caisse POS (Point of Sale), des imprimantes, des balances, des serveurs de back-office, des PC, ou tout autre appareil ICT sur le site de nos clients. Leur domaine d'activité est la Suisse Romande. Comme nous disposons de plusieurs bases réparties dans toute la Suisse, nous prenons volontiers en compte votre situation de vie individuelle.

Offre d'emploi au format PDF

Vous êtes intéressé? Sébastien Guillaume se fera un plaisir de recevoir votre dossier de candidature complet par courrier électronique. sguillaume@uniQservice.ch.

ICT-Servicetechniker (w/m)

Unsere Servicetechniker sind die Macher und die Visitenkarte unseres Unternehmens. Sie beheben Störungen, installieren und unterhalten Kassen-Systeme, Waagen, Backoffice Server, PCs, Drucker, aber auch andere ICT Geräte am Kundendomizil. Ihr Arbeitsgebiet ist der Raum Deutschschweiz und Tessin. Da wir über mehrere Stützpunkte verfügen welche schweizweit verteilt sind, können wir auf ihre individuelle Wohnsituation gerne berücksichtigen.

Stelleninserat als PDF

Sind Sie Interessiert? Überzeugen Sie uns. Unser Ronny Janzi freut sich über Ihre über Ihre vollständigen Bewerbungsunterlagen in elektronischer Form per Email an rjanzi@uniQservice.ch.

Key facts

uniQservice is highly knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to service operations and electronics services.


Our core business:
- Availability services for ICT hardware, particularly POS systems, including all peripheral devices with a focus on retail.
- Services for insurance companies, including expert advice, replacement value assessments, audits and repairs for consumer electronics and ICT hardware.


Other services:
Multilingual service desk, nationwide field service organisation, technical support, service management, staging, rollout, maintenance, replacements, ICT hardware repairs; e.g. servers, PCs, notebooks, monitors (including digital signage), scanners, mobile data entry devices (MDEs), printers of all types and consumer electronics devices.


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uniQservice ag
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